About Keren

Keren Chaham MS. DTR. is a known nutrition and health expert, based in South Florida. She shares reliable and practical advice that helps many individuals to eat better and lead healthier and longer lives. Keren is the founder and the president of Smart Weight Loss. She provides nutritional consultation for Individuals who would like to change their eating habits and to create healthier lifestyle.

Keren educates, empowers, motivates and supports individuals. Her goal is to help clients make smooth and easy nutritional changes,that will become a lifestyle.. Since Keren grew in a multi-culture environment, she is well aware of the variety of ethnic food preferences and able to is custom create a program suited especially for their needs and tastes.

Keren graduated successfully from Florida International University, where she received a bachelor’s degree (B.S.) and a master’s degree (M.S.) in nutrition/dietetics with concentration in counseling. Since Keren believes that nutrition and psychology goes hand by hand, she also completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University.

Keren is a dietetic technician registered (DTR) and an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) as well as Broward Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic (BAND).

Keren has several years of personal and professional experience working in private clinic in south Florida with eating disordered patients. Keren also presenting and doing workshops to groups who like to improve their eating habits and incorporate physical activity.

Keren is situated in South Florida for the past 20 years and lives with her husband and their four kids. She strongly believes that everyone can change their eating habits and its never too late. “The best way to do it is to set small realistic goals and act towards big changes.”(Keren Chaham MS. DTR.)

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