You don’t have to kill yourself to stay fit, energetic and strong

All you need to do is 30 minutes a day You can do it at home, outside or at the gym.

3 different fitness programs

“Kid Rikud” a special fitness+ breathing technique that strength all the muscles in the body and burn fat.
The technique is very simple and will give you more energy as well as longer healthier life. All it takes is 30 minutes of your day. (The founder of the technique is Dr. Caydar)

“speedy fit” a special program that will make you burn fat and will give you energy for the rest of the day.
(1/2 a minute fast move and 11/2 slower for eight times )

” Trampolifit” all you need is a small trampoline and small weights. Its fun and easy to do while your heart is pumping and your muscles are working.

Keren will guide and motivate you with the program you like

Why to wait when it’s easy and fun!

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