One on one consultation:

Keren will work with you one on one to improve your eating habits. Together you will create a meal plan that customize especially for you!

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Support groups :

You are not alone
Sometimes sharing your stories, listening to others and sharing ideas
Will help you with the changes you are going through.

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Healthy parties:
For all ages

Are you looking for something different for your next party?
Invite keren to create a healthy atmosphere with healthy food, tips and even special dancing method for fitness

The show is on!

Special programs:

No more calories count or points
No more starvation and zigzag dieting

The Transformation Is a program that keren created it’s include a very easy diet to follow and very easy fitness program you are not going to feel hungry and your craving to sweets will decrease.

Easy transformation – 4 weeks program

Advance transformation – 6 weeks program

Extreme transformation – 8 weeks program

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